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The following Yeasts from Fermentis are available for order ex-stock

* = Non-Stock item, please contact us for lead times


Dry Yeast Product Description Size Price

Pasteurisation required

Perfect for brewing low and non-alcoholic beers.

Specifically selected for the production of low and/or non-alcoholic beverages (<0.5ABV). This yeast does not assimilate maltose and maltotriose but assimilates simple sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose) and is characterized by a subtle aroma profile. Yeast with a medium sedimentation: forms no clumps but a powdery haze when resuspended in the beer.

Stock: 500g



The obvious choice for very high gravity beers

Stock: 500g



The obvious choice for dry flavorful beers, such as Brut IPA



SafAle™ Brewing Yeast

Dry Yeast Product Description Size Price


Recommended for Belgian-Saison style beers and is
characterised by a particularly high attenuation. It gives
fruity aromas with a spicy character such as clove notes.

Stock: 500g
Non-stock: 38×11.5g
Non-stock: 10kg



Brews high alcohol, fast fermentation, subtle and
well-balanced aromas.

Stock: 500g
Non-stock: 38x 11.5g



Typical German ale yeast. Top cropping ale yeast
for top fermented beers with low esters and Belgian
type wheat beers.

Stock: 500g
Stock: 10kg



English Ale yeast displaying fast fermentation and
excellent sedimentation (flocculation) properties.

Stock: 500g
Stock: 38×11.5g
Non-stock: 10kg 



Robust, high alcohol tolerant yeast for a wide range
of top fermented beers. Ideal for speciality ales and
trappist type beers.

Stock: 500g
Non-stock: 38×11.5g
Non-stock: 10kg



Spicy, estery flavours ideal for continental beer styles.
The right choice for bottle-conditioning.

Stock: 500g
Non-stock: 38×11.5g
Non-stock: 10kg



Ready-to-pitch American ale yeast for well balanced
beers with low diacetyl and a very crisp end palate.

Stock: 500g
Stock: 38×11.5g
Stock: 10kg


The choice for wheat beer fermentation.

Stock: 500g
Non-stock: 38×11.5g 
Non-stock: 10kg


F-2 20 Pack min
Non-stock: 500g
Non-stock: 10kg


SafLager™ Yeast

Dry Yeast Product Description Size Price


The most popular lager strain worldwide,
from the Weihenstephan institute in Germany.

Stock: 500g
Non-stock: 38×11.5g
Stock: 10kg 



From the Hurlimann brewery Switzerland.
Neutral flavour development for a large range
of lager and pilsen beers Bottom fermenting strain.

Stock: 500g
Non-stock: 38x11.5g
Stock: 10kg



Lagers with fruity, estery notes. Bottom fermenting
strain originating from Munich.

Stock: 500g
Non-stock: 38×11.5g
Stock: 10kg


Why use Fermentis yeast?

As the craft brewing industry develops, the need to produce consistent high quality beers becomes even more important. The range of beer styles demanded by the market adds to the difficulty of yeast management, especially in the smaller brewery where the resources of both time and equipment are limited. Market demands for successful brands will require each batch to be flavour-matched to previous brews.

To assist in this goal, Fermentis supply a range of true brewer’s yeast in a dry, ready to pitch form. The yeast are produced in dedicated, state of the art propagation facilities and then carefully dried to preserve their characteristics. True lager yeast are available from recognised European sources enabling batch production of high quality lagers. A range of speciality ale yeast have also been developed to produce ales with authentic flavour profiles.

All Fermentis dry yeast offer a long, 3 year shelf life giving advantages in both distribution and storage. Rehydration is a simple procedure and correct yeast counts are achieved by pitching a known weight of yeast to the wort. No propagation or laboratory input is needed at this stage. As the yeast is monitored closely during manufacture, the microbial quality is assured. Rapid, true to type fermentations also add the advantage of predictable fermentation output, essential for good planning in a busy brewery

Which Dry Yeast? - Make your choice

This is Fermentis’s specific portfolio covering brewers needs.

They offer efficient and qualitative strains which will help you design the beer of your dreams.

Let’s discover their main characteristics.

Active Dry Yeast

Active dry yeasts characteristics on one handy beer yeast chart

Tips & Tricks Sheet

A tool to learn how dry yeast is produced, what essential parameters will influence your fermentations, how the Fermentis yeast strains are characterized and give useful technical tips to better manage yeast in your brewery.

Fermentis app

Explore new sensory pathways, fine tune the originality of your aromas, or perhaps exploit fermentation potential of your wort at its best.

  • Find technical data about Fermentis products
  • Discover Fermentis fermentation tools including converters, yeast advisor, ABV and attenuation calculators and many more as tools are periodically released
  • Enter into the Fermentis world and discover their different brands
  • Get in touch with their experts or give them your feedback

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