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Why Do You Need Enzymes?

Enzymes help the responsiveness naturally.


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Malt differences

Are there any differences between brewing, baking and distilling or whiskey malts?


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Hardness of city water

Does the hardness of city water influence distillates / spirits?

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How is the Weyermann® gin made?

Gin (French genévrier: juniper) is a mostly colorless spirit with the main ingredient juniper.

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Beer schnaps and whiskey

What is the difference between a beer schnaps and a whiskey?

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Beer sommelier

How is the training as a beer sommelier structured?

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Beer Seminars

We regularly offer beer seminars on various topics in the unique ambience of our Weyermann® guest center

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What marks a glass for tasting purposes?

When it comes to glass culture, it's all about combining different beer styles with the appropriate glasses

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Which glass is suitable for a stout?

In addition to the general sensory glass for beer tastings and our Weyermann® beer seminars

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Carafa® and the Carafa® Special

What is the difference between the Carafa® and the Carafa® Special?

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Acidulated Malt

The Weyermann® Acidulated Malt is produced by adding natural lactic acid to our high quality brewing barley during the germination process.

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Weyermann® Sour Wort

What is the Weyermann® Sour Wort?

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Raw material inspection

How long does the incoming raw material inspection in Bamberg take?

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Storing in tropical climates

Brewing beer and stocking raw materials in tropical climates does hold some extra challenges for the brewer.

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How are the Weyermann® products loaded?

Before the Weyermann® ambassadors, as we call our malt bags, start their journey into the world, they are packed and loaded.

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Best-Before Date

Today we answer in our weekly series the question: Do the malts of Weyermann® have a best-before date?

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Weyermann® Kosher certificate

The Jewish dietary laws (Hebrew Kashrut) are traditional religious law regulations for the preparation and consumption of food and beverages.

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Malt products in the food sector

It is well known that the proportion of cereals in beer is 100% according to the German Beer Purity Law. Even abroad the main part used is malt.

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Malt and malt products in food

Malt and malt products are mainly used in the food industry for five different reasons

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