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Appelez notre bureau au Royaume-Uni

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EU Based Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of your most asked questions regarding shipments into Europe following the end of the Brexit transition period.

It was decided to continue to best serve our customers within Europe that we required a warehouse within the EU. This led to the opening of our new company Charles Faram Europe sp.z.o.o. which opened for business in the middle of 2022. We strongly suggest our customer in Europe look at forward contracting hops to ensure they are ready and available as required at the warehouse. For more information on contracts please see here .

However, with processes for exporting from the UK, now being more normalised we are able to handle enquiries albeit with a longer lead time due to the requirement of additional paperwork provided by an external issuing body.

If you do have any questions that are not covered here, do not hesitate to contact any member of the international team who will be more than happy to help.

Are there any restrictions on products that can now be ordered?

Having worked closely with our logistic contacts we are now seeing hop products moving with minimal disruption. All organic quality hops will need to be supplied from our Warehouse in Europe. We are currently unable to easily ship other brewing products, but at looking at developing our offering over the coming year.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It is difficult for us to provide our customers with an exact delivery date for each order. There are occasionally delays on the borders going into Europe, and consignment information is not currently being updated by the couriers until they have cleared customs. We are now required to get a certificate of attestation to move hops products from the UK into Europe. The process for getting this documentation has improved and we are seeing a faster turnaround at getting the certificates returned to us.

What new documents are being included with my order?

We will be applying for Certificates of Attestation for each variety of hop on each order. Orders containing Organic products will also need a Certificate of Inspection. The authorities handling the attestations are now getting these sent out to us in a good timescale.These documents are currently provided as a free issue and will not be charged on your invoice. Phytosanitary certificates should not be required on these orders but may vary by country. We can supply a signed document that confirms this if it is required for the customs agent.

Are there any additional custom fees or duties that need to be paid?

There are no additional fees or duties on the English varieties. Unfortunately, now there is a 5.8% tariff on the European, USA and New Zealand varieties, we have already accounted for this in the stock that has been moved to Europe. Additional import or administration costs and charges will need to be covered by our customers as these vary depending on the destination country and are unfortunately outside of our control. It is advised that our customers request an itemised breakdown of any import invoices when the goods are delivered, this way we can advise if any goods have had duty incorrectly applied.

What VAT will I need to pay?

VAT will not be charged on our invoice but will need to be paid by our customers at the point of the goods arriving at the border. This should continue to be claimed back in the usual way for your country.

What do I need to do get my Organic goods cleared at the borders?

Organic hops have been very difficult for us to export over the last twelve months. We have worked hard on getting our Warehouse in Poland organically certified and hope to be able to continue with a good supply of Organic varieties during the coming year. Please contact a member of the international sales team for current availability.


Is my contract still valid and can I contract for next year?

All contracts remain valid and terms and conditions for our European company can be found here on our website <PUT LINK IN>. All European customer contracts will be supplied directly from within Europe so it is important that we have your contract requirements in well before the next harvest to ensure we can supply you with all of your needs.

Will I pay more for delivery?

Delivery prices in the UK have stabilised for the most part although have been impacted by fuel surcharges during the last year. Deliveries from within Europe are very competitive and can be completed usually within 1-2 days from your order being packed.