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Well Hopped World Series – World Hop Awards 2019

Friday 11th January 2019
Charles Faram, The Hop Store, Monksfield Lane, Newland, WR13 5BB

We would be delighted if you could join us to share your expertise and opinion in judging the best sample of new varieties from the Worldwide Charles Faram Hop Development Programme.


What’s it about?

The aim of the Wellhopped World Series is to give growers of Charles Faram Hop Development Programme recognition for their endeavours in the search for new varieties while showing our commitment to quality.

We’re inviting you to be part of hop innovation history by being at the forefront of the ground-breaking new varieties.

The format

Hop judging
Charles Faram varieties from every Faram’s development location will be assessed on quality and aroma at our AromaFest on 11th January 2019 by hand-picked judges.
Once the invitation has been accepted Charlie will be in touch with further details and timings.

Hop Awards Ceremony
The Wellhopped World Series Award Ceremony will take place at SIBA BeerX with an audience of brewers and industry professionals.
This platform will create a higher interest and more recognition of our varieties and the hard work going on by scientists, growers and brewers to create new flavours for the brewing industry.

Brewing Collaborations
The category winners will be used in beer collaborations in our three base locations, UK, USA and Canada. We would be keen for our judges to get first refusal on the collaboration opportunities and potential to take these premium varieties through to your brewing programme.

The prizes

Grower and brewer categories will receive a certificate, trophy and lots of Kudos!

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Notre entreprise

Fournisseur de houblon depuis plus de 150 ans, Charles Faram stocke un éventail impressionnant de variétés de houblon, disponibles en cônes sous vide ou en pellets de type 90. Les différentes variétés proviennent du Royaume-Uni, de Belgique, de la République tchèque, de France, d’Allemagne, de Pologne, de Slovénie, de Nouvelle-Zélande et des États-Unis. Faram propose une vaste palette de saveurs pour créer tous les types et styles de bière, des variétés traditionnelles aux fascinantes nouveautés expérimentales issues du propre programme de culture et de développement de l’entreprise. 

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