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Alpha Acid

Beta Acid


Oil Composition

Myrcene: 45-60%, Humulene: 12-18%, Farnesene: Trace

Total Oil

Flavour Intensity

Brewers Gold

Use in brewing

Bittering hop.
A well-tried and tested bitter hop. Brewers Gold has a high resin content and gives a well-balanced bitterness which is ideally complimented by a late aroma hop in Lager beers. When used in cask conditioned ales, can give some very interesting fruity and spicy characteristics


Bullion, Galena, Bramling Cross


Brewers Gold was developed from a breeding programme circa 1917 by Professor Salmon in England. His aim was to combine the high resin content of American hops with European style aroma, Brewers Gold is an open pollinated seedling of a wild Manitoba hop plant and was first produced in 1919.


Brewers Gold grows readily, but is very susceptible to all the diseases affecting hops. It is now grown mainly in Southern Germany. Alpha Acid contents are greatly influenced by environmental conditions and therefore can vary quite significantly from year to year.

Organic Status

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