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Alpha Acid

Beta Acid


Oil Composition

Myrcene: 33-34%, Humulene: 29-30%, Farnesene: <1%

Total Oil

Flavour Intensity

Pacific Gem

Use in brewing

A high alpha hop with a pleasant aroma and useful bitterness level of 13% alpha. Pacific Gem is very fruity with distinct berry fruit aroma that is prized by many brewers.


Columbus, Fuggles


Developed in New Zealand at the DSIR Research Station, and was released in 1987.
Pacific Gem has a Triploid alpha type, being the child of Smoothcone, Californian Cluster and Fuggles.


Matures early to midseason.

Organic Status

Grown by one grower who converted to organic production circa 1990. His production is now well established and consistent.


Very Good